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Tizen SDK 1.0 on 64-bits Fed.. I mean ArchLinux

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Recently, motivated by the Ancient Spirits of Evil, I started a quest to install the Tizen SDK on an ArchLinux x64 machine, a.k.a. my work machine.

Tizen Web Simulator

…”Why are you talking so much about x64?”
Well, the Tizen group, before this post being published, has just released packages for Windows (urgh!) and Ubuntu, both on 32-bits.

So to do this I had some choices:

  1. Install Ubuntu 32-bits on my machine;
  2. Install a virtual machine with Ubuntu 32-bits
  3. Install a chrooted 32-bits enviroment
  4. Look for another job; or
  5. Search on the web for someone who had made it and go through that.

With the fifth option in mind, I found an excelent post by Tomi Ollila, who solved this same problem, but on Fedora. I was almost there :(

The great thing is, ArchLinux is great. Not just by itself, but with its community.

Following the instructions from Tomi post, I realized that just a few packages are missing on an usual ArchLinux instalation. So, to keep the Tomi instructions reliable on ArchLinux, I just had to install debootstrap from AUR, it replaces the step 3 of Tomi’s post.

tar -xvf debootstrap.tar.gz
cd debootstrap
sudo pacman -U debootstrap-*-any.pkg.tar.xz
cd -

Between steps 14 and 15, I use the command below to prevent PERL messages about locale:

locale-get en_US.UTF-8

Continue with Tomi instructions and be happy.

Starting Tizen IDE

Tizen IDE

Well, that’s it. It’s possible to have the Tizen SDK running on your ArchLinux x64 machine. And now, to start your Tizen development, you can use Iscaro’s blog as a starter guide.

Tizen Emulator

Good night and good luck.


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June 11, 2012 at 4:51 pm

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